Upthreat is a website that aims to prepare readers for the threats and challenges that are impacting our lives. We may have thought that these threats were decades away in the future, but unfortunately, things are happening faster than imagined. From weather events to social conflict, we believe that the world is becoming a much more difficult place to raise a family, grow a business, and function as a society.

Topics of the website to include:

Impacts of the climate crisis, such as heat waves, wildlife fires, hurricanes, flooding, and winter storms. These weather events will impact where people live, where we work, and where we get our food from. The resulting impacts of changes in the climate are starting to be felt, and the loss of farmlands, housing, and stable environments will lead to mass migrations around the world.

Crime and security issues, such as the global black market, business fraud, hate crimes and attacks on immigrants, minorities, and refugees, and cybersecurity threats to your business and family. As the resources of the world become tighter due to climate change and an increase in population, conflict will arise. From lack of access to food and water, to anger over sharing resources with “others”, we believe that crime, conflict, and other security issues will continue to increase in the coming years.

Health and safety issues, such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, disease outbreaks, and the safety concerns that arise due to a failure to invest in a functioning society. Whether it be from the degrading of infrastructure to a rise in deaths from heat waves, countries around the world will continue to face threats that directly impact the well-being of their citizens. As we have seen from the response to Covid-19, it is difficult for many countries to respond to threats to their peoples.

Who we are

Upthreat is published by Incident Strategies Group. We are a risk advisory and business resilience firm located in Honolulu, Hawaii that helps communities navigate through challenging environments. Due to our centralized location in the middle of the Pacific, we tend to focus our efforts on threats in the United States and across the Asia Pacific, although this website will cover all geographic regions.

Previously, our team created Havocscope, a research agency that specialized in tracking the global black market. Our work was cited by organizations such as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Numerous media publications such as CNN, Reuters, and the South China Morning Post have also utilized our information on the black market.

As the impact of climate change has become clearer, and as we saw that we chose to widen the scope of the issues we monitor.

To read more about our firm, please visit our company website here.